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2014-10-31 Awards

Black Pearl Award

Full Programme Announced!

Last Day 
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The Abu Dhabi Film Festival 2014 comes to an end and awards its winners

The 8th edition of the Abu Dhabi Film Festival comes to an end after days of wonderful cinematic performances and insightful film discussions and meetings. The closing ceremony included awards that were given to the winning films in its various film competitions

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ADFF Announces Winners of Emirates Film Competition and International Short Film Competition

The winners of the Emirates Film Competition and the International Short Film Competition are announced

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Leviathan: A Courageous One Man Fight Against Injustice

Serious yet exquisitely funny at times, Leviathan has been cleverly written by its director Andrey Zvyagintsev and his colleague Oleg Negin

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The Man from Oran

The Man from Oran can be seen as a family saga a la The Godfather, but the family here is the brotherhood of fighters who led the Algerian Revolution against French colonial rule that triumphed in 1962, serving as an inspiration not only among Arabs, but throughout the world

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Hungry Hearts

New York never looked so claustrophobic, so cold and so unsettling as in Saverio Costanzo’s eerie tour de force, Hungry Hearts, based on the Italian novel Il bambino indaco

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Sivas: A Remorseless Male World

The male world of rural Turkey is laid bare by Kaan Müjdeci in this remorseless, unrelenting debut film

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The National: Five unforgettable films at this year’s ADFF

The Academy Awards may be four months away, but let’s go ahead and give the award for best film title to A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence (or, as it rolls off the tongue in Swedish, En duva satt på en gren och funderade på ­tillvaron)

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The National: film review Magical Girl

Magical girl, or “majokko” in Japanese, is an anime­ sub­genre, known for pretty, pink cartoon heroines who cast spells

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The National: Glittering tribute to Magic of Bollywood

The Emirates Palace hosted a private music and dance show on Wednesday night at the 8th Abu Dhabi Film Festival

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