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Day 4: Highlights for Sunday, October 26, 2014

The highly awaited film THEEB, directed by award-winning filmmaker Naji Abu Nowar is a tale of survival of a young Bedouin boy in the Jordanian desert during World War 1. Shot with real Bedouins, the film collapses cinematic genres and offers remarkable fresh perspectives

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Day 4: Special Events

"Moving Beyond the Arab World: Acting Styles in Films from the Region" and "World Cinema Project: Preserving for the Future"

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3D Glasses and Talking Cows: Documentaries Get Serious About Their Options

Within the ongoing big bang in documentary culture, as audiences grow and the non-fiction film diversifies across an array of media platforms, it is notable that documentary filmmakers are increasingly experimenting with cinematic technologies and surprisingly playful aesthetics that would seem to belong to other genres

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Year of the Wolf: Naji Abu Nowar’s Theeb and the Dawn of the Bedouin Western

The culmination of over four years of work, much of it spent living in the Wadi Rum desert, Naji Abu Nowar’s Theeb is almost certainly cinema’s first authentic Bedouin Western. Nowar, a British-born Jordanian, had explored similar ideas in a script over a decade ago, but was unsatisfied with the result until he re-approached the terrain — figuratively and literally — with producer/co-writer Bassel Ghandour

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Day 3: Highlights For Saturday, October 25, 2014

At VOX 5 tonight (21:15), Academy Award-winning Danish film director Susanne Bier will be present for the screening of her new feature film A SECOND CHANCE, a morally complex drama. The film is part of ADFF 2014 Narrative Competition

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Day 3: Special Events

"Let’s Work Together – A Focus on International Co-producing with the Arab World" and "twofour54 Creative Lab Presents an Evening with the Narcicyst"

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Color as It’s Meant to be Seen: the World Cinema Project

Why is it that the director Lino Brocka is spoken of as a “rediscovery”? When he died in a car crash in 1991, he was 52 yet already had more than 60 films under his belt, and was even then acknowledged as the most important director the Philippines ever produced. Ah-ha! There’s your answer: the Philippines, a country better known for exporting people than films

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“From A to B”

U.S. cinema is probably responsible for perfecting the wafer-thin road movie. These multiplex-friendly tales not infrequently feature a cluster of entitled college kids driving across country to party somewhere – for spring break, say, or a pal’s wedding

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Marmato : A Modern-Day David vs Goliath Story in the Heart of Colombia

Being a person who is both enthusiastic about environmental issues of the world as well as being a Colombian national, it made me very eager to write about this poignant and award-winning documentary with a strong message

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